Celtra Dynamic Product Ads Launch


Lead designer


Copywriter, product marketing, junior designer, external freelance web developer


CEO, SVP of Product Marketing

Project date

April 2022

The Ask

In early 2022, Product Marketing and company leadership came to the Marketing team asking us to help develop the external marketing strategy for a new product offering at Celtra called Creative Automation for Dynamic Product Ads.

Most social networks have automated ways to connect a company’s product catalog to their social account’s ad tools. If a company sells 100 different styles of shoes and they want to run ads for each style of shoe, platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to run automated ads for each product. Typically, you’re stuck running the product image as the ad, unless you want to design a custom asset for each product in your catalog, which is extremely time consuming. You lose your opportunities for branding because it’s difficult to individually design creative for each asset, leaving most brands advertising a product on a white background and having to include any sale information in the social post copy and not on the asset itself.

Creative Automation for Dynamic Product Ads is a Celtra product that allows companies to leverage their existing product catalog assets but dynamically change the design and apply branding and messaging to what would otherwise be a product on a plain white background.


The Marketing team explored numerous strategies and conceptual angles, everything from paid social to a big, splashy video campaign. After going through that exercise, we pitched to Product Marketing and to the Celtra leadership team. While our more ambitious ideas were well-received, leadership felt that it wasn’t the right time or product offering to go as splashy. We landed on a more organic approach to marketing, leveraging our existing channels instead of spending a lot of money on more unproven channels.

When first doing research about this new product offering, I kept finding myself surprised by how big of an impact the Creative Automation for Dynamic Product Ads tool had on brands’ existing ad creative. Seeing the boring, unbranded graphic, and then seeing how much color and branding the tool could bring to a large scale of unique assets was really impressive. I knew that the marketing page for this needed to convey transformation and it needed to have a bit of an “aha” moment. I pitched the idea of showing an animated version of the transformation in our graphics.

Once we got high level approval, I then worked on the website, blog graphics, and social graphics, and collaborated closely with Product Marketing and their graphic designer and motion designer on website assets. I worked closely with the web developer and the animator to make sure that animations we were implementing would work across all screen sizes and we did a lot of tweaking to make sure the website was performant but still on brand.



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