Ronin Iftahk Wood

Designer & Fart Director


Brand Designer

April 2015 - Present

Creative direction Chris Muccioli

Summer Pattern Tote
Cities Level Pattern
Summer Pattern Can Cooler
Jukely Sound Projects billing
Jukely Sound Projects
Jukely Sound Projects
Jukely Fader Site takeover
Jukely Fader print Ad
Is it 11am yet? tote bag
Jukely Beta announcement


2012 - forever

In collaboration with Matthew Thompson

Time Spent at Wayfarers
Time Spent merch
Behind the scenes
Time Spent NYC
Lost Mondays with Time Spent

The McKittrick Hotel - Home of Sleep No More

Lead Designer

September 2012 - April 2015

Creative direction Cesar Hawas, art direction Justin Wildung

Jim James and Sleep No More
Inferno: A celebration of sin
Dine at the Heath
Heathens live at the Heath
The McKittrick Hotel presents Ghost Quartet
Heathens live at the Heath

Inferno: illustration Will Varner, assistant graphic designer Mike Rich


Lower Mercury by Butch Dawson
Butch Dawson
Black Zheep DZ - Big Bank Rolls
Blue Steel
Joey Cook

Lower Mercury photos by Micah E. Wood, Helium music video co-directed with Brian Agamie, Blue Steel co-designed with Tessa Law, Joey Cook Photo by Micah E. Wood, Henny Interlude co-directed with Brian Agamie